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Little Miss Kentucky / Pre-Teen Miss Kentucky Pageant

2007 Little Miss Kentucky Pageant Details

Pageant Information
2007 Little Miss Kentucky Pageant Details
Application Information
Little Miss Kentucky 2007
Pre-Teen Miss Kentucky 2007
Little Miss/Pre-Teen Local Pageants
Past Winners



Wee Miss Division (3-4 year olds)

               1. Reagan Jones, Wee Miss Southeast Kentucky

               2. Jasmine Webb, Wee Miss Boyd County

               3. Abigail Young, Wee Miss Garrison

               4. Alyssa Godsey, Wee Miss Cumberland Valley

               5. Devika Patil, Wee Miss Cumberland Falls   

               6.  Hailee Hill, Wee Miss Madison County

               7. Nicole Abbott, Wee Miss Monticello

               8. Sara Bowling, Wee Miss Berea Area

               9. Gracie Terry, Wee Miss Grayson Heart of the Parks

             10. Carley Frost, Wee Miss Southern Kentucky

             11. Ellie Dougherty, Wee Miss Jeffersontown

             12. Lauren Sanders, Wee Miss Belle of the Bluegrass

             13. Abigail Watts, Wee Miss Lexington


Tiny Miss Division (5-6 year olds)

              14. Grace Potts, Tiny Miss Louisville

              15. Alexis Strunk, Tiny Miss Belle of the Bluegrass

              16. Qua'Neisha Prater, Tiny Miss Monticello

              17. Katelinn Green, Tiny Miss Dawson Springs

              18. Breanna Steele, Tiny Miss Grayson Heart of the Parks

              19. Chloe Conley, Tiny Miss Morehead

              20. Abigail Williamson, Tiny Miss Ashland


Mini Miss Division (7-8 year olds)

                21. Alexzandria Morgan, Mini Miss Cumberland Falls

                22. Victoria Hinton, Mini Miss Buffalo Trace

                23. Katie Wesley, Mini Miss Ashland

                24. Alexis Smith, Mini Miss Lawrence County

                25. Jessica Hill, Mini Miss Monticello

                26. Sloane Crum, Mini Miss Berea

                27. Emma Landherr, Mini Miss My Old Kentucky Home

                28. Summer Mills, Mini Miss Southern Kentucky

                29. Halle Scott, Mini Miss Grayson Heart of the Parks

                30. Hannah Nelms, Mini Miss Elizabethtown Area

                31. Hayley Leach, Mini Miss Jeffersontown

                32. Katie Potts, Mini Miss Louisville

                33. Isabella Caperton, Mini Miss Catlettsburg

                34. Tessa Gray, Mini Miss Heart of the Mountains

                35. Breanna Smith, Mini Miss Cumberland Valley

                36. Aubrey Link, Mini Miss Heartland              




Petite Division (9-10 year olds)

                37. Alexandria Brock, Petite Miss Southern Kentucky

                38. Summer Snead, Petite Miss Louisville

                39. Shelby England, Petite Miss My Old Kentucky Home

                40. Sarah-Jo Diamond, Petite Miss Yatesville Lake

                41. Brittany Gipson, Petite Miss Heart of the Mountains

                42. Kathleen Dice, Petite Miss Monticello

                43. Jaryn Noble, Petite Miss Berea Area

                44. Abigail Stanley, Petite Miss Carter Caves

                45. Felicia Thornsbury, Petite Miss Northern Kentucky

                46. Karli Ashley, Petite Miss Ashland Area

                47. Bailey Brown, Petite Miss Belle of the Bluegrass

                48. Chancey Gee, Petite Miss Carter County

                49. Masden Griffiths, Petite Miss Heartland

                50. Lyndsey Burke, Petite Miss Grayson Heart of the Parks

                51. Taylor Lewis, Petite Miss Oil Springs

                52. Kyla Bass, Petite Miss Heart of the South


Junior Miss Division (11-12 year olds)

                53. Kaylin Foreman, Junior Miss Louisville

                54. Evanne Whitten, Junior Miss My Old Kentucky Home

                55. Leah Judd, Junior Miss Greensburg

                56. Carissa Conlin, Junior Miss Williamsburg

                57. Casey Shuler, Junior Miss Jefferson County

                58. Ashley Gifford, Junior Miss Buffalo Trace

                59. Allyson Wheeler, Junior Miss Louisa

                60. Olivia Nichols, Junior Miss Heartland

                61. Madison Evans, Junior Miss Jeffersontown

                62. Chassidy Mosley, Junior Miss Belle of the Bluegrass

                63. Taylor Benge, Junior Miss Grayson Heart of the Parks

                64. Rebecca Sorrell, Junior Miss Ashland Area

                65. Whitney Conlin, Junior Miss Heart of the Mountains

                66. Kayla Perkins, Junior Miss Berea Area

                67. Lindsey Cissell, Junior Miss Cumberland Falls

                68. Emma Parks, Junior Miss Heartland

                69. Bendra Worley, Junior Miss Southeast Kentucky

                70. Raylen Walker, Junior Miss My Old Kentucky Home

                71. Harley Rose, Junior Miss Monticello




Rehearsal Information




At check in, contestants will receive their contestant number and have their paperwork and pictures returned to them.  During the rehearsal times, each contestant will be allowed only ONE adult with them in the auditorium.  Contestants may not enter the auditorium prior to their category's scheduled time, and they must exit the auditorium after their category is finished.  Contestants and their chaperone may wait outside the auditorium prior to and after their scheduled times.  Wee Miss contestants will be allowed to have an adult accompany them on the stage, but all other divisions must leave their chaperone in the stage wings.   During beauty rehearsal, each girl will have an opportunity to practice following the staging format directions (given in this packet) for dress and casual wear.  During the talent rehearsal, each girl will have 2 minutes onstage and an opportunity for a sound check.  Please be aware that contestants will not be allowed to practice their talent repeatedly.  Each girl will be allowed no more time than her 2 minutes.  After the rehearsals are complete, the building will be closed to everyone until 4:00 pm.  Rehearsal is OPTIONAL, but NO OTHER STAGE TIME WILL BE AVAILABLE.  If there are any questions about the rehearsal, please contact:


Dee Shufflebarger, Executive Producer

(606) 474-7565


Awards Information


All contestants will receive a participation trophy and a gift bag.  The girl who sells the most pages of ads will be awarded the title of Cover Miss Kentucky, and receive a trophy, crown, and her picture on the inside front cover of the program book.  Each age division will have a talent winner and a photogenic winner, who will each receive a trophy.  The overall talent winner and the overall photogenic winner (one for Little Miss contestants and one for Pre-Teen Miss contestants) will each receive a crown and trophy.  Each age division will have a beauty winner who will receive a crown, trophy, and jewelry.  The overall beauty winner in the Wee, Tiny and Mini Divisions will receive the title of Little Miss Kentucky 2007, and the overall beauty winner in the Petite and Junior Divisions will receive the title of Pre-Teen Miss Kentucky 2007.  Both of these winners will receive a $100.00 savings bond, a crown, a trophy, a sash, and jewelry.  They will also receive Miss Kentucky Tickets, and will be recognized at the Miss Kentucky Pageant.  All awards will be given at the end of the competition, and judges' decisions are FINAL.

* Program book ads are $125 for your full page ad, as was stated in your application packet.  This is REQUIRED of all contestants.  The contestant selling the most pages will become Cover Miss.


* The Photogenic Competition is judged prior to the pageant.

* As required by Miss America and Miss Kentucky rules, NO score sheets or judges comments will be given. 


* All required information and paperwork (birth certificate, fact sheet, fees, program book ad fee, etc.) MUST be turned in prior to rehearsal.  Incomplete applicants WILL NOT be allowed to take the stage!
*Dressing rooms will be available for contestants.  Each contestant may only take ONE FEMALE into the dressing room.  Males will NOT be permitted in dressing rooms!