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Little Miss Kentucky / Pre-Teen Miss Kentucky Pageant

Application Information

Pageant Information
2007 Little Miss Kentucky Pageant Details
Application Information
Little Miss Kentucky 2007
Pre-Teen Miss Kentucky 2007
Little Miss/Pre-Teen Local Pageants
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DEADLINE FOR ENTRY: April 25, 2008


AGE DIVISIONS:  The age of the contestant will be based on her age as of June 14,  2008. Tiny Miss Division- Ages 3,4 & 5. Mini Miss Division- Ages 6, 7 & 8 will compete for the title of Little Miss Kentucky.  Petite Miss Division- Ages 9 & 10 and Junior Miss Division- Ages 11 , 12 and 13 year olds (that will not be entering high school in the fall) compete for Pre-Teen Miss Kentucky.  13 year olds must complete and return the Grade Verification Form, Page 8, with the entry form.


ENTRY FEE:   Contestants may enter one of two ways. They may win a local preliminary held by a franchised Miss Kentucky Local Preliminary. They may also enter as a contestant at-large. Contestants will be announced by their Local Preliminary Title. Contestants entering at-large will be given an official announcement title. The fee for Little Miss Kentucky Local Preliminary Winners is $50.00, while the fee for a Little Miss Contestant At-Large is $100.00.  Pre-Teen entry fee is $75 for Pre-Teen Miss Kentucky Local Preliminary Winners and $150 for Pre-Teen Miss Contestant At-Large entries. 


Beauty: The beauty portion of the competition is included in the entry fee and includes dress, casual wear and on-stage question. This is a Natural-- No Glitz Pageant. In dress, contestants should choose age appropriate attire. The dress should not overpower the child. The length and material of the dress are the contestant's choice. Jeweled embellishments (such as sequins, rhinestones, pearls, beading, bugle beads, etc.) are not allowed on the dress. However, they are allowed on shoes, jewelry or in the hair. No midriffs should be shown by contestants. In casual wear, the outfit chosen should be age appropriate and show the personality of the contestant. Attire should be something the girl would wear to school, to the movies or out with friends. Jeweled embellishments are allowed in casual wear. The age appropriate onstage question will be asked during the casual wear competition.  Although some makeup is allowed, it should be kept to a minimum.  These contestants are children and thus should look like children. NO hairpieces are allowed. Beauty is judged on natural beauty, modeling, stage presence, speaking ability and attire. All contestants must compete in this category.


Photogenic: The fee to enter this category is $20.00. You may submit one 5x7 or 8x10 color or black and white photo. Contestants may enter additional photos at a cost of $5.00 per photo. NO DIGITALLY ALTERED (touched up) photos will be accepted. The photos should be age appropriate and contestants should look their age. Photos are judged on natural beauty, print, quality and personality. Photos are due by May 8th. This is an optional category.


Talent: The Little Miss fee to enter this category is $25.00 (this fee is included in the Pre-Teen entry fee and is mandatory in that division). The talent must be no longer than 2 minutes. Attire for the talent should compliment your talent choice. Jeweled embellishments are allowed in talent. Song tapes (or CD's) are due by May 5th. Talent is judged on costume, entertainment value, stage presence, degree of difficulty and overall performance. This is an optional category for Little Miss.


AD SALES: Each contestant is REQUIRED to sell a minimum of 1 full page of ads. The contestant selling the most pages of ads will be crowned Cover Miss. In addition to a crown and a trophy, she will have her photo placed on the inside cover of the Little Miss Kentucky/Pre-Teen Miss Kentucky 2007 Program Book. Full page ads will be $125.00, half page ads will be $75.00, quarter page ads will be $ 50.00 and one-eighth page ads will be $35.00. Individuals ads may be broken up into smaller sizes as listed or you may have individuals, groups or businesses purchase a listing for the amount you need to arrive at your $125 per page (example: 3-- 1/8 page ads would be $105 so you only need $20 for a listing to complete the page) but contestants must combine all their ads into full pages. Partially filled pages may not be submitted. Ad sales are due by May 8th. Ads are tax-deductible.



MISCELLANEOUS INFO: The price of admission to the pageant will be $10.00 (this goes for everyone including children). Programs will be on sale for $10.00. Pageant T-shirts will also be available for $12.00. A photograph must be submitted for the contestant lineup in the program book, and this picture must be mailed with the entry form.   The photo may be in color since the book will be printed in color.


Below are the required forms that must be completed for entry in the pageant.  If you have any questions please contact pageant director Virginia Murphy (contact info listed below). 






Any questions?  Contact pageant director Virginia Murphy:
PO Box 1470
Grayson, KY  41143
(606) 474-9589