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Little Miss Kentucky / Pre-Teen Miss Kentucky Pageant

Pageant Information

Pageant Information
2007 Little Miss Kentucky Pageant Details
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Little Miss Kentucky 2007
Pre-Teen Miss Kentucky 2007
Little Miss/Pre-Teen Local Pageants
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Below you will learn more about this pageant system that is directly affiliated with the Miss Kentucky Scholarship Pageant.  Any additional questions should be directed to the state director, Virginia Murphy (contact info below).  If you would like to enter the pageant or for more information about the age divisions click on the Application Information link to the left.


This is a NATURAL PAGEANT and contestants should look their age.  A panel of judges will score each contestant during their individual competition with the title of Little Miss Kentucky going to the young lady that receives the highest score in the Beauty Division which includes three phases of competition: Dress, Casual Wear and On-Stage Question.  The title of Pre-Teen Miss Kentucky will be awarded to the young lady that receives the highest score in the Beauty (Dress, Casual Wear and On-Stage Question) and the Talent divisions combined.  All Pre-Teen contestants MUST compete in talent.


Several local pageants in the Miss Kentucky system hold Little Miss preliminaries with the winner(s) advancing to the Little Miss Kentucky / Pre-Teen Miss Kentucky Pageant.  You can contact these local pageants by clicking on the link to the left which will take you to a page containing their contact information.  Any contestant who wins a local preliminary Little Miss or Pre-Teen Miss Kentucky Title is automatically allowed to advance to the state Little Miss or Pre-Teen Miss Kentucky Pageant with their official local title.  Therefore, once a young lady wins a local preliminary pageants she is NO LONGER ELIGIBLE to compete in any other Little Miss or Pre-Teen Miss Kentucky Local Preliminary Pageants for that pageant year.  At-large entries are also welcomed so you do not have to win a local pageant to participate in the state competition. 


The judges' panel will be instructed to look for the girl next door NOT a child that is 5 going on 25. This should also follow through in the photos submitted for the Photogenic competition and their performance in the Talent competition. Photogenic and Talent competitions are optional for the Little Miss Pageant and are not included in your $50.00 entry fee.  Photogenic competition is optional for the Pre-Teen pageant and is not included in your $75 entry fee (but talent is mandatory for pre-teens). 


Further information with times for practice will be posted at a later date. Also, attached, you will find a photographer's release. This MUST be signed by each photographer that has taken a photo that will be placed in the program book. Without the release, the photo WILL NOT be published.


The Little Miss/Pre-Teen Miss Kentucky Pageant Committee will work hard to maintain the integrity of this competition. It is the committee's desire that every contestant walk away with a good feeling about themselves as well as the Little Miss/Pre-Teen Miss Kentucky program. Only two young ladies will become Little Miss Kentucky and Pre-Teen Miss Kentucky, but it is our hope that all the contestants will develop the desire to continue to participate in the Little Miss, Pre-Teen Miss, Miss Teen and Miss Kentucky programs.

Any questions?  Contact pageant director Virginia Murphy:
PO Box 1470
Grayson, KY  41143
(606) 474-9589